How you can help

The Karoo Predator Project is funded through grant-writing efforts by the team. The WWF Nedbank Green Trust and the University of Cape Town are the biggest sponsors of the ecological part of the Project. The Wool Growers Association supports Prof. Conradie on the economics side of the Project as well as jackal expert Niel Viljoen.

Field research is very expensive and any help would be greatly appreciated. We are especially looking for the following:

1.   If you are a sheep farmer in the Central Karoo, please take the time to answer our short questionnaire on predators

2. Short-term accommodation for the team (one night to a week) in the Laingsburg/Beaufort West/Prince Albert/Montagu areas or where block hunts occur.

3.   Sponsorship for new all-terrain tyres for the field research vehicles

4.   Sponsorship for fuel