At the heart of the Karoo Predator Project

At the heart of the Karoo Predator Project is the photographic work of two Nature and wildlife photographers – Nathalie Houdin and Denis Palanque – about the Karoo Predator Project. Their aim is to raise public awareness about the conflict between farmers and predators in the Karoo. To do so, the two artists came to the region twice in 2014 and 2015 to photograph the farmers and their daily life, the conflict with predators, the wildlife and landscapes of the region and the work of Marine and her team in the field.

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Nathalie Houdin, Nature and Conservation Photographer

Nathalie Houdin is a French Nature photographer. Through her photography, she wants to capture fragile instants to memorize them. Her desire to share her vision of Nature led her to teach photography to children and show them the World differently and with respect. She is collaborating with several French magazines like Terre Sauvage, Alpes Magazine, Nat’Images, Image et Nature etc. Biosphoto and Hemis distribute her work. She published a few books: “Maroc Sauvage”, “Le Bouquetin au fil des saison” and “Peinture d’eau”.

For Nathalie, nowadays photography must help conservation and the protection of fauna and flora. That is how she sees her work and it is one of the reasons why the photographer got involved with The Karoo Predator Project – to give something back into the environment through her work as an artist.

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Denis Palanque, Nature and Conservation Photographer, ILCP (International League of Conservation Photographers) fellow

Photography has always been a driver for Denis’ need of discovery and understanding of Nature. For the French photographer, exploring the link between Human and Nature is essential and Nature photography must get involved with conservation as a catalyst of change.

Denis collaborates with magazines such as National Geographic France, Terre Sauvage, Alpes Loisir, Alpes Magazine, Pyrénées Magazine etc. Biosphoto, Sipa, Visuals Unlimited, Hemis and Nature Picture Library distribute his work in France and around the world. Like Nathalie, Denis wished to get involved with The Karoo Predator Project to raise the general public’s awareness about the work being done on the complex problematic of farmer-predator conflict. Giving an equal attention to people and wildlife is for him an essential part of the Project and of his own work.

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