The Karoo Predator Project invited to a French Festival about predators

Ten days ago in a little French town in the heart of the Jura mountain range was launched a Festival about predators called “Vous avez dit prédateurs?”, organized by the Pôle Grands Prédateurs, a French NGO which main aims are to communicate about the come back of predators to France and help the sheep farmers to protect their flocks with guard dogs.

The Festival happened in Lons-le-Saunier. It is the administrative center of the Jura French Department and is famous for its thermal baths.

Typical Jura landscape. The Lamoura Lake in the Jura mountain range is the highest of the region. With an elevation of 1156 m, its surface area is 4.4 ha.

The Karoo Predator Project was invited to the event to present the situation between sheep farmers and predators in South Africa (mainly the black-backed jackal and the caracal) and to talk about the work Marine is conducting there for her PhD. The conference was illustrated with the beautiful pictures of Nathalie Houdin and Denis Palanque and was followed by questions and an interesting debate.

Festival “Vous avez dit prédateurs?” at the CARCOM in Lons-le-Saunier, Jura.

The Festival was really interesting with the screening of the Pôle Grands Prédateurs new documentary about guard dogs in the Jura “Sentinelles des troupeaux”; the movie of Tommy Gaillard about the challenges of coexistence between humans and predators in the world and the very educational and enlightening conference of the historian Thomas Pfeiffer about the come back of the wolf in France.

The film “Sentinelles des Troupeaux” gives Jura sheep farmers using guard dogs the floor to talk about their experience with them.

Activities for school children, as well as nature photography and slide shows were also presented.

The Festival ended up well with the beautiful movie “La Vallée des Loups” in the presence of its director Jean-Michel Bertrand (right), of Patrice Raydelet (director of the Pôle Grands Prédateurs) (left) and of Gaël Fromentin (director of the library of the Lons-le-Saunier) (middle).

It was interesting to see once again that the “farmer-predator conflict” is a worldwide problem and that many different actors are working towards finding sustainable, ethical and cost-effective solutions to allow coexistence.

Marine with Patrick Boffy, vice-président / pastoralism coordinator at the NGO FERUS, and Ghislaine Letourneur, artist and author, proudly showing the sign against random killings of wolves in the Alps. Real long-term solutions, such as giving guard dogs to sheep farmers, will help in the protection of the farmers’ livelihoods and their livestock in the French mountains. For more info, see the page of the  CAP loup community.

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