Author Workshop for Scientific Assessment on Livestock and Predation

Last Thursday and Friday, Justin, Nicoli, Marion and Marine were invited to Port Elizabeth to attend the author workshop for the Scientific Assessment on Livestock and Predation in South Africa (to learn more about the project, see previous post or click here).

The workshop was the opportunity to facilitate collaborative interactions between the different author teams looking at various strategic issues of the Scientific Assessment.

Nicoli is a co-author on the chapter of Jane Carruthers about the History of predator-stock conflict in South Africa.

Justin is a co-author on the chapter entitled “Review of international management practices of predation of livestock: Lessons for South Africa” led by Phil Richardson.

Marion joined Jurie du Plessis on the chapter entitled “Review of past and current management of predators”.

Marine is part of the same chapter as Justin, in addition to two other chapters led by Craig Tambling about the “Role of meso-predators in functioning ecosystems and the potential effects of managing their populations on these ecosystems and on regional and local biodiversity”; and led by Liaan Minnie about the “Biology/ecology of jackal and caracal and their interactions with livestock”.


The workshop was a good opportunity to meet – sometimes for the first time – coauthors and to see colleagues such as Niel Viljoen who assisted us with the trapping of jackals and caracals for collaring and who was also present at the workshop.

The final book for the assessment will be available early next year.

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