Another photography success!!

Dear readers,

I am really pleased to announce that Nathalie Houdin and Denis Palanque, the official photographers of the Karoo Predator Project, won (again!) some international prizes for their photographs of the Karoo Predator Project: they won the second prize “Man and Nature” as well as the IUCN grant for Conservation photography at the Terre Sauvage IUCN Nature Image Awards 2016 (!


Denis Palanque and Nathalie Houdin with the magazine Terre Sauvage, publishing their pictures and a short story about the Karoo Predator Project. Photo: Jean-Eric Fabre.


Cover of the “Terre Sauvage” magazine with the “100 most beautiful pictures to understand Nature in 2016”, presenting Nathalie and Denis’ work about the Karoo Predator Project.

The photographers would like to thank the Karoo Predator Project, the farmers involved and their sponsors PNY, Aguila, Canon and Pelicase.

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