Two prizes at the SAWMA Symposium for the Karoo Predator Project

Hello all,

At the end of September, the Karoo Predator Project (Prof. Justin O’Riain, Dr. Marion Tafani, Storme Viljoen and Marine Drouilly) was present at the SAWMA Symposium in the Limpopo Province, along with other students and post-docs from the Human Wildlife Institute from UCT. The main theme was “Sustainable Wildlife Management: Striking a Balance?”


Marion, Marine and Storme at the SAWMA Symposium in the Limpopo Province.

While Storme presented her research on wildlife disease ecology, creating a massive interest in the audience; Marion and Marine used their best French accent to talk about their findings on baboon spatial ecology and carnivores diet and trophic niche overlap, respectively.


Storme presenting her work on wildlife parasitology.


Marine talking about sympatric carnivores’ diets in the Karoo.


Marion presenting her research on baboons in the Karoo.

On the last evening of the Symposium, during the Prize Giving and Gala Dinner, Storme was awarded with the best Master oral presentation and Marine with the best PhD oral presentation. Lots of happiness and dancing followed!

The Symposium was a great way to present the Project and our research to different actors, from academics to NGOs, wildlife managers and game farmers. We will be back next year for SAWMA 2017, thank you to all involved in making this event such a success.

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