Nice interaction with the Conservation Biology MSc students at UCT

Hi there dear readers,

Winter and its cold wind are coming through Cape Town. Great time to write up a PhD and drink hot chocolate!

Two weeks ago, I was asked by my main supervisor Prof. Justin O’Riain to give a course to the Conservation Biology MSc students at UCT. I of course accepted and last Friday, Prof. Nicoli Nattrass joined me to talk about her paper on the Jackal Narratives. I told them a bit about my journey before the PhD and about the Karoo Predator Project.

I really enjoyed the students who were reactive and friendly. It was a good experience and I hope they enjoyed the talks and understood how crucial it is to study human-wildlife conflicts and find solutions.

The Karoo Predator Project wishes all the students from the course a lot of success with their projects and in their future conservation career.


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