Nathalie’s and Denis’ photo Finalist of the BigPicture!

Dear readers,

Great news today! One of Nathalie’s and Denis’ pictures taken while they were in the Karoo is a Finalist for the “Human/Nature” category of the BigPicture: Nature World Photography Competition (!

This third annual competition attracted over 5 000 submissions from a talented community of photographers worldwide. Nathalie’s and Denis’ photograph, taken while on report with the Karoo Predator Project, will be featured in an exhibit at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, California from July 29 – October 30, 2016.

This is a great opportunity to bring more awareness to the farmer-predator conflict in the Karoo and try to find solutions that are acceptable for people and wildlife.

Nathalie’a and Denis’ picture “Sampling after a night hunting” that is Finalist of the BigPicture: Natural World Photography Competition 2016.

The picture was taken in the morning after the first night of a “block hunt” in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Sampling dead predators to collect measurements and data about their age, sex and body condition is crucial to understand the impact of these expensive and large-scale hunts on predator populations.

Congratulations to Nathalie and Denis!

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