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Who is watching who?

For the last months, our baboon researcher, Dr. Marion Tafani,  has been setting up camera traps in locations frequently visited by baboons to assess troop size and composition and the body condition of our monitored troops.           These pictures … Continue reading

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Biodiversity can thrive on farms

Hello dear readers, Today, I would like to offer you a great read from my friend Megan Murgatroyd, who has just submitted her PhD on the ecology of black eagles with the University of Cape Town: In her paper, … Continue reading

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Super-predator killing mesopredator in Botswana

Very interesting images taken by Dietmar Willuhn in Botswana and showing a leopard attacking and killing an adult caracal. Have a look:  

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Interesting research on black-backed jackals

Some very interesting research conducted in South Africa on black-backed jackals shows that killing the predator makes the problem worst and explains why.

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The Karoo Predator Project on TV

Last year in June, I met with Julien Naar, a French TV producer, On Wallie and Janine Nigrini’s farm in the Karoo. Julien was busy filming a documentary on leopards for the French TV ( and decided to include some … Continue reading

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