New articles about the Karoo Predator Project

Hello everyone,

In this festive season, I would like to announce you that with the photographers Nathalie Houdin and Denis Palanque, we’ve started looking at magazines for the general public – both in South Africa and Europe – to publish about the Karoo Predator Project, the farmers’ lives in the Karoo and the predators. Our first joint article was published in “La Gazette des Grands Prédateurs”, a French magazine dealing with predators and the conflict with people, mainly in France but also in other parts of the world. More articles will follow in a large variety of magazines and we will keep you updated on this blog!


Cover of the French magazine “La Gazette des Grands Prédateurs”.

The story is divided in two articles, one written by carnivore biologist Marine Drouilly about the Project and her research on mesopredators on farmlands, and one by the photographer Nathalie Houdin about her experience in the Karoo with the farmers and the wildlife. Her article is illustrated by the photographs they took with her ILCP colleague Denis Palanque in the Karoo.



The team of the Karoo Predator Project wishes you all a beautiful year 2016, with lots of successes and happiness!

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