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New articles about the Karoo Predator Project

Hello everyone, In this festive season, I would like to announce you that with the photographers Nathalie Houdin and Denis Palanque, we’ve started looking at magazines for the general public – both in South Africa and Europe – to publish … Continue reading

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Predators scats and micromammals identification

Analyzing the content of predators scats can be tricky, especially when they feed on micromammals. Micromammals include small rodents, insectivores, elephant shrews and bats. Black-backed jackals, caracals (and even leopards) hunt micromammals and those can make up a large proportion of mesopredators diets, especially … Continue reading

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Some news from the Project’s photographers

Hello guys, Today, I would like to give you some news from Nathalie and Denis, our dear photographers who reported on the Karoo Predator Project last year. They are still very busy editing their massive work and contacting magazines to … Continue reading

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