No more carnivore with collars, time to analyse the data!

It’s done! All the black-backed jackals and caracals that were collared for the Project dropped their collars, and Marine and Kai collected the last one this week-end.


Kai found Eskimo’s collar. After a long trip far from the Reserve, the old male jackal was back to Anysberg!

The last three collars to be dropped-off were the ones of male jackal Eskimo and male caracals Rooibos and Whisky. Rooibos collar gave us a hard time. It was on a very dense, thorny bush in a dry riverbed. Whisky’s collar however, was easy to recover: it was close to a cliff (not on it where they usually are!) in an open patch of grass.

On our way back to Cape Town last Sunday morning, we had the great surprise of crossing the path of Anton Fouche from Walking 4 Rhinos and Rangers. We were really excited with Kai to meet this great man who is crossing South Africa on foot from Limpopo to Cape Town (1500 km!!!) with a giant fiberglass rhino on wheels (his little name is George) to support rhino conservation and the rangers who work towards their protection.


Anton, Kai, Marine and George the rhino on the N1 between Laingsburg and Matjiesfontein.

George the rhino has 1213 red dots on him. Each dot depicts a rhino that was poached in 2014 in South Africa. Anton said he was in tears as he was putting these dots on. This situation is horrifying and needs to be stopped NOW!

Anton will arrive in Cape Town on the 31st of October at 11am in the V&A Waterfront. Join us and his many fans to welcome him and raise awareness towards this great cause he is defending!


Anton and his rhino George.

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