Some news from the French photographers

Nathalie Houdin and Denis Palanque are working hard on their Project and the photos they took during the two sessions they spent with us on the Karoo Predator Project in the field.

Canon invited them to give conferences at the International Festival of Nature and Wildlife Photography in Montier-en-Der, France in November:

Their first conference “Au coeur du Karoo Predator Project – Partie I: Derrière l’objectif” will present how they created this photography Project and their work in the field. In a word, you’ll be taken behind the scenes of a conservation photography report!

We hope to see our French followers there and for the South Africans, be patient, Nathalie and Denis are not forgetting you!!

Affiche_Part I_small

Poster for the first conference photographers Nathalie Houdin and Denis Palanque will give in France.

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