A successful farmers meeting

On August 3rd, The Karoo Predator Project research team was invited to a farmers meeting in Laingsburg.


The audience during the August farmers meeting in Laingsburg.

Prof. Conradie presented some results from her research on farm economics, Prof. O’Riain gave feedback on Marine’s research (she was away in Europe attending a Congress) and Dr. Marion Tafani presented her baboon research to the farmers. Prof. Nattrass was also attending the meeting.

Other actors and collaborators of the Project were present, with N. Saayman from the Department of Agriculture presenting the results from the veld assessment conducted on some of the Koup farms, and with Cyril Stannard from Cheetah Outreach giving feedback on guarding dogs – 5 dogs are currently present in the Koup area and 6 more in the Central Karoo region.


Prof. Justin O’Riain presenting some of Marine’s results about predator movements.

Cape Nature was also present to give information about the assessment they are going to conduct of the Koup Project Area. The farmers of the Koup want to establish a protected area for their sheep and the biodiversity that occurs on their farms.

Landcare was presenting data about the Fencing Project and the job creation linked to it. The organization will provide the farmers with funding to scan their ewes to record pregnancy rates.

Finally, the study group made out of farmers and with Marijke Gouws as first chair, was discussing the ongoing drought and the impact of predation on sheep farming. This discussion group was established by farmers to try and find ways to farm sustainably in the area.


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