Meeting with photojournalist Mitch Reardon

This week-end, the Karoo Predator Project carnivore team set off to Anysberg Nature Reserve and the surrounding farms to visit GPS clusters for 3 collared black-backed jackals in the area. Despite a very capricious weather, the little team visited points on two farms (thanks to the farmers Piet and Lou to allow us to investigate clusters on their farms) and in the Reserve. No kill site was found that time, only sleeping sites under bushes and acacia trees.


Field assistant Kai Fitchen and a friend of the Project, Henko Roukema, with Jinx, ready to investigate GPS clusters


We also had a very interesting meeting with the photojournalist Mitch Reardon who is writing a book about the Karoo. He asked us many questions about the Project and the mesopredators of the region. We are looking forward to reading his 8th book!!!


Kai Fitchen (left), Henko Roukema (right) and the photojournalist Mitch Reardon (center) in Anysberg Nature Reserve

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