Running for the mitigation of conflicts between farmers and predators

Last week-end, our little crew of 5 runners set off to run the Momentum Cape Times Knysna Forest marathon and half marathon for the Karoo Predator Project.


Marion (baboon researcher), Ferdie, Gemma, Marine (carnivore researcher) and Kai (field technician) the morning after the race.

Special congratulations go to our baboon researcher (Marion) for whom it was the first race ever. She had to train hard after fieldwork in the hot and then freezing Karoo during 3 months to prepare for the event!


Kai, Marion and Gemma just before the race at 5 o’clock in the morning


Marion, waiting to start her run in a chilly Knysna forest

Well done too to our field technician (Kai) for being ranked 99th out of more than 6000 people, to Ferdi (a European friend) for accomplishing his first marathon on trail and to Gemma (another European friend) for joining the group and running very well.


Kai, Marine and Marion, The Karoo Predator Project field team, very happy with their medals


Ferdi after finishing his first trail marathon for the Project!


After the race, our little team went out for a nice pizza and Marine could not resist an awesome South African lemon meringue!


The team waiting for their pizzas after the race


Marine, ready to wolf down (with some help) a huge lemon meringue

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