UCT research team on a Boer Trek!

Early this week, a University of Cape Town research team (Nicoli, Beatrice, Jeremy and Steve) travelled to the Karoo to join Frans Hattingh (along with his father and four workers) on his sheep trek across the Koup, in the Central Karoo.

Sheep trek on the morning of Day 2

The trek stretches over 110 km and lasts for five days, along an old sheep trekking route that has existed for hundreds of years as a right of passage across farm lands.


On the Merweville road: Frans and his dad, their dog Trallies, and farmworker Willem.

On the first day (1 July) Frans was joined by his wife Marisa and their two little sons. The research team joined for the first two days of the trek under beautiful weather, with cold crisp nights.


Frans Hattingh and his dad, happy to start the sheep trek that will take them from their summer farm to their winter one.

The team was learning what happens on a sheep trek and how to herd sheep.  “It is not easy – they scatter left and right and are always on the look-out for tasty bushes and grasses”  commented Prof. Nicoli Nattrass. The trek was assisted greatly by a black sheep dog called Russell.


Trallies, a young puppy learning how to herd sheep and turning his first lamb!

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