Baboon research is taking off


Marion mapping conflict with baboons in the Central Karoo

After getting more insight about the conflict between baboons and farmers in some areas of the Central Karoo, our post-doc Marion Tafani is preparing baboon captures in the Laingsburg district.

Fitting GPS collars on baboons will allow the researcher to track their movement in and across farms and hopefully help to manage the conflict.

Following tracks and scats, Marion is searching for sleeping sites used by baboons to monitor their activity and find the best places to later set her cages to trap.

We are currently waiting for approval from the UCT Ethics Committee to start trapping.

Once a capture site has been selected, baiting can start. Will 50kg of maize be enough to convince them to come fetch a collar? We will hopefully give you the answer soon!

A sleeping site on a cliff overhanging a dry riverbed – coordinates entered in the GPS unit


Marion preparing some maize for baiting the baboons

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