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Rogue lion is back to the Karoo National Park

Apparently, we can keep on with our research in the Karoo near Beaufort West! The lion who escaped the Karoo National Park early in June is back to safety. People seem surprised to hear that he travelled for more than … Continue reading

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Visiting GPS clusters of collared roikatte (Caracal caracal)

Research on mesocarnivore diet is underway. Marine collected more than 600 scats of black-backed jackals, caracals and leopards both on farmlands and in the Reserve. The analysis will start soon in the lab at UCT. Another way of determining diet … Continue reading

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A larger predator than normal on Karoo farms!

Hopefully, our farmer friends from the Beaufort West area will find his spoors soon!

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Baboon research is taking off

After getting more insight about the conflict between baboons and farmers in some areas of the Central Karoo, our post-doc Marion Tafani is preparing baboon captures in the Laingsburg district. Fitting GPS collars on baboons will allow the researcher to … Continue reading

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