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Novel epidemiology research gets underway with the Karoo Predator Project

As the Karoo Predator Project continues to go from strength to strength, the Project has expanded to include health, disease ecology and epidemiology of predators as a research focus. This work, conducted by project collaborator and MSc student, Storme Viljoen, … Continue reading

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A big thank you to you all, Karoo sheep farmers

Working in the field of human-wildlife conflict is an everyday challenge with different stakeholders having various interests. Predator-human conflict is a significant challenge to global conservation and food security in farming areas. In the Karoo, farmers have gone to great lengths to … Continue reading

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Black-backed jackals captures in Anysberg

Exciting times ahead! Next week, Marine and Niel will be heading off to Anysberg Nature Reserve to continue the captures of black-backed jackals. So far, 3 jackals have been collared there in 10 days during April and we are hoping … Continue reading

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Support our Field Technician!

Kai Fitchen, our dear Field Technician , got his last trip “Cape to Atacama”, nominated for Nightjar Travel Adventure 2015. We are very proud of him! If you want to support his Project, please go to this link and vote for him.

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Culling pest animals can do more harm than good

This is a very interesting articles referring to at least two scientific studies showing why culling damage-causing animals (like black-backed jackals) can have negative consequences and be inefficient (and even make the problem bigger!):

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